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Hi my name is Angela and I own a hair extensions company in the UK. It's up and coming and i would like to add a customised unit to my collection.
I need a sample product to be made to try out FIRST and to see if it's something to order more of.
I'm looking for a supplier that can manufactor a 0.2 Hard lace, CUSTOM FULL LACE SEW-IN WIG for me TO TRY OUT!
I would like to have this unit in a virgin BRAZILIAN mixed with MONGOLIAN natural Body wave texture. I would like the unit to be sewn doen behind my hairline and so the unit needs to be in a Medium to Large Head, 20" Circumference.
The density should be in a 150% Density or 170% Density with curly and coarser (afro like) baby hair all around the perimiter so that it blend into with my own natural afro hair, but still so that it blends into the natural virgin bodywave (as the unit will be sewn doen behind my own HAIRLINE)!
How much would something like this cost?
How much would this uNit cost in wholesale price?
Could you please send me any pics of something similar so that i can approve, before placing an order. i AM REALLY INTERESTED. .
I have attached a few pictures in this email for more information for guideance. This is what i am looking to get.
Looking forward to hearing form you soon!
Kind Regards

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