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dual sim standby : 509 Buying Request(s) matched for you

Buyer from Indonesia
posted a buying request:

china ipro i9 tv wifi mobile phone,dual sim dual standby

Quantity: 100000 Pieces

Buyer from Russian Federation
posted a buying request:

Jiayu G4 Android 4.2OS + RAM/ROM 2GB/32GB + dual sim card dual standby 1.2GHz CPU

Quantity: 100 Boxes

0 Quotes received

Tags: cpu and ddr ram, g4 1, g4

Buyer from Germany
posted a buying request:

dual sim dual standby sierra wireless module HL6528

Quantity: 1000 Pieces

Buyer from China (Mainland)
posted a buying request:


Quantity: 250 Pieces

3 Quotes received

Tags: 3 handsets, 3 handset phone

Buyer from Belgium
posted a buying request:

4.5inch mini S5 Smartphone quad core 1G RAM 4G ROM dual camera

Quantity: 100 Pieces

Buyer from Trinidad and Tobago
posted a buying request:

BLU Dash 5.5 D470A Unlocked GSM Dual Sim Android 4.2 JB Phone

Quantity: 20 Pieces

Buyer from Romania
posted a buying request:

I want to buy Smartphone Android Dual Sim 1-2 Gb RAM

Quantity: 10 Pieces

11 Quotes received

Tags: gb of ram, gb laptop ram, gb ddr ram

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