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raw materials import : 2437 Buying Request(s) matched for you

Buyer from United States
posted a buying request:

pet resin raw material bottle grade oil bottle

Quantity: 3 20' Container

Buyer from Turkey
posted a buying request:

Rattan Core Round Material Natural

Quantity: 10 Tons

Buyer from Australia
posted a buying request:

Detergent Raw Material Usage Spray Air Duster

Quantity: 10000 Pieces

Buyer from India
posted a buying request:

Other Adhesives Classification and POLYCHLOROPRENE Main Raw Material floor adhesives

Quantity: 1 20' Container

4 Quotes received

Tags: floor adhesive, adhesion, other adhesives

Buyer from Vietnam
posted a buying request:

Rattan Raw Material

Quantity: 7 Tons

Buyer from Singapore
posted a buying request:

anio Main Raw Material and Building Coating Usage coating additive

Quantity: 500 Kilogram/Kilograms

9 Quotes received

Tags: polyvinyl alcohol

Buyer from Dominican Republic
posted a buying request:

constructio usage and main raw material epoxy steel epoxy versachem

Quantity: 12000 Unit/Units

6 Quotes received

Tags: steel buy, steel gear, steel toe for safety

Buyer from India
posted a buying request:

Salim Bundle 50g Raw Rattan Material

Quantity: 20 Tons

Buyer from Hong Kong
posted a buying request:

Cosmetic Raw Material Usage CETYL ALCOHOL

Quantity: 21 Tons

2 Quotes received

Tags: alcohol cap, alcohol hand, alcohol units

Buyer from Iran (Islamic Republic of)
posted a buying request:


Quantity: 40000 Tons

Buyer from Morocco
posted a buying request:

Detergent Raw Material Usage Detergents

Quantity: 1 20' Container

Buyer from United Kingdom
posted a buying request:

Epoxy Main Raw Material and Brush,Brush, Roller, Conventional Spray Application Method Epoxy Flooring

Quantity: 500 Kiloampere/Kiloamp...

3 Quotes received

Tags: floor cotton, floor bricks, floor frame

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