tool case abs

Quantity Required: 200 Pieces

Annual Purchase Volume: 1200 Pieces

FOB Price: 30.0 / USD

Shipping Terms: FOB

Destination Port: amsterdam, the netherlands

Payment Terms: T/T

Time Left: 0H 0M

Date Posted: 2013-02-06

Posted in: Netherlands Netherlands (IP:84.26.181*)

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Detailed Description

we are looking for an abs tool case.
the tool case must be made of abs material.
the middle part can be made of aluminum.
we prefer 2 flip locks to lock the suitcase.
the bottom half of the suitcase must be modular, 3 or 6 compartments.
the top half of the case must have a slide in compartment for papers(A4).
2 tool flaps with leather/fabric tool inserts on both sides of the flap.
and the possibility to order a sample first to check quality and durability.
sample must be delivered by dhl or Fedex.
i have included a example of a tool case that suits our demands.
looking forward doing business!

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Gold Supplier 4st Year S*********************************. Manufacturer, Trading Company China (Mainland), Guangdong 05/03/2013 06:15 Declined
Gold Supplier 5st Year B***************************************************. Trading Company China (Mainland), Beijing 04/03/2013 19:19 Declined
Gold Supplier 7st Year G**********************************. Manufacturer, Trading Company China (Mainland), Guangdong 26/02/2013 19:14 Declined
G********************************************. Manufacturer, Trading Company China (Mainland), Guangdong 20/02/2013 17:39
Gold Supplier 7st Year J**********************************************. Manufacturer, Trading Company China (Mainland), Zhejiang 20/02/2013 17:15
Gold Supplier 9st Year H***************************. Manufacturer, Trading Company China (Mainland), Zhejiang 16/02/2013 18:29
T*************************. Manufacturer United States 13/02/2013 08:33

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