1.5 MW Steam Turbine with Coal Fire Boiler

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Date Posted: 2012-04-05

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1.5 MW POWER GENERATION SET. Date: 02-04-2011 1. STEAM TURBINE: a. Type: Impulse Steam Back Turbine. b. Capacity: 1.5 MW. c. Inlet Superheated Steam Pressure: Manufacturer to indicate for boiler. d. Inlet Superheated Steam Temperature: Manufacturer to indicate for boiler. e. Inlet Superheated Steam Flow: Manufacturer to indicate for boiler. f. Exhaust Steam Pressure: 10- Barg. g. Exhaust Steam Flow: Manufacturer to indicate for process use. h. Bleed Steam: If exhaust steam pressure less than 10-bars for efficiency of the turbine, then if any bleed steam from the turbine is required for process use of 10-Barg. i. Turbine Speed: Manufacturer to indicate for Power Alternator. j. Wood World Governor Overspeed Trip Speed: Manufacturer to indicate for control and safety of the machine. k. Cooling Water Inlet Pressure, Temperature and Flow for Oil Coolers: Manufacturer to indicate for process use. l. The steam turbine to be installed and aligned with Alternator and main lubricating oil pump . m. Twin Lubricating Oil Coolers with change over valves set. n. Auxiliary / stand by motor driven oil with all oil piping and instrumentation to be provided with the steam turbine. 2. ALTERNATOR (AC POWER GENERATOR): a. Rating: 1.5 to 1.64 MW. b. Volts 400 . c. Frequency: 50 Hz. d. Maintenance free brushes less. 3. CONTROL PANEL: a. Steam Turbine and Alternator control / power control plane: Manufacturer to indicate accessories mounted on the panel. 4. COAL FIRE WATER TUBE BOILER:

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Gold Supplier 9st Year N*******************************************. Manufacturer China (Mainland), Zhejiang 23/04/2012 23:04
Gold Supplier 3st Year J************************************************************************************p Trading Company China (Mainland), Shandong 12/04/2012 23:15

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