crown wheel pinion

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Date Posted: 2012-06-11

Posted in: China (Mainland) China (Mainland) (IP:117.24.1*)

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Dear Sir or Madam,
We are a Chinese company situated in Dar Es Salaam city, Tanzania dealing with transportation business. Now we enlarge our field to auto spare parts aftermarket and we expect to source suppliers from China domestic.
Kindly please advise on the FOB XIAMEN price and availability of the following:
38110-90678 CB31/46 37X9 4.111 10
38110-90374 CB31/46 37X9 4.111 10
38110-91012 PKF210 36X7 5.143 5
38110-90566 PKF210 36X7 5.143 5
38110-Z5174 MKB210 37X7 5.285 5
38110-Z5108 MKB210 37X7 5.285 5
38110-91169 CWB450 39X7 5.571 5
38110-90708 CWB450 39X7 5.571 5
38110-90776 CWB450 41X6 6.8 5
38110-91164 CWB450 39X7 5.571 5
38110-90707 CWB450 39X7 5.571 5
38110-90769 CWB450 41X6 6.8 5
38110-90569 CWM431 37X6 6.1 5
38110-90367 CWM431 37X6 6.1 5
Very important for the first and second items
Looking forward to your prompt response.

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Gold Supplier 6st Year F*********************. Trading Company China (Mainland), Guangdong 13/06/2012 22:10

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