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Annual Purchase Volume: 5000000 Tons

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Date Posted: 2012-08-07

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XIAMEN ITG GROUP CORP.,LTD is a large importer of coal in China,our company from imported Indonesian coal more than 480 million tons in 2011 , It is China's coal imports a large number of enterprises , ranked 10 . We have good relations of cooperation with China's national power generation companies. We need more coal varieties, such as: Its specifications are as follows ======
NCV :5500 ----QUANTITY: 200,000 MT PER MONTH===
NCV :5000 ----QUANTITY: 200,000 MT PER MONTH===
NCV:4800------QUANTITY: 150,000 MT PER MONTH===
NCV:3800------QUANTITY: 100,000MT PER MONTH===
Our company in addition to import coal from Indonesia, as well as imported coal from Australia, USA, South Africa, Russia and other countries.
Our company in China has a huge sales network, as well as the blending site , high-calorie coal and low-calorie coal mixed, and then sold to customers. We can also accept high-sulfur coal.
I hope your company providing inspection reports have been exported coal and shipping certificate, so that we can further cooperation and look forward to your reply as soon as possible.
We plan the exploitation of coal mines, we demand more than 12 million tons, if you have a coal mine mining can cooperate with us, we need large reserves of coal mines, we can accept the high card of coal mines and low-calorie coal mines, of coalThe heat in the NAR: 2800 UP, low-calorie coal dehydration to improve quality, high-card direct sales of coal, coal can be sold to local power plants in Indonesia, coal can be exported.
Our company to set up an office in Jakarta,Indonesia,
ADD: TAMAN ANGGREK MALL APARTEMEN , welcome you and your colleagues to come to my office to visit and guide.
Thank you!
Mr.Lin Anshun
----linas (at) -------or -------pasirbesi (at)
----COAL DIVISION---Jakarta office -------

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