Spare parts for Komatsu heavy dump truck HD-785-5

Mass order quantity: 6 Unit/Units

Annual Purchase Volume: 6 Unit/Units

Shipping Terms: FOB

Payment Terms: T/T

Time Left: 0H 0M

Date Posted: 2013-03-10

Posted in: Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (IP:95.57.74*)

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Hello, I need spare parts for automatic transmission K-ATOMiCS and the engine SA12V140 Komatsu HD-785-5.

Quotations Record

Company Name Business Type Location Time Quoted Buyer's Reaction
Gold Supplier 8st Year C********K Manufacturer, Trading Company India 30/03/2013 05:35
Gold Supplier 8st Year J******************************************. Trading Company China (Mainland), Shandong 23/03/2013 21:51
Gold Supplier 6st Year G**************************. Trading Company China (Mainland), Guangdong 22/03/2013 07:25
Gold Supplier 3st Year J*******************************. Trading Company China (Mainland), Shandong 10/03/2013 23:55

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