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Ban hoa chat axit hcl , clohydric acid , axit clohidric 32% tai Viet Hoa

CAS Number: 7647010

Mass order quantity: 20 Tons

Shipping Terms: FOB

Payment Terms: T/T

Time Left: 0H 0M

Date Posted: 2013-07-04

Posted in: Vietnam Vietnam (IP:123.24.105*)

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Business Type: Manufacturer

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Detailed Description

San pham: Ban hoa chat axit hcl , clohydric acid , axit clohidric
Ham luong: 32%
Trong luong: 250 kg/phuy
ung dung: la mot axit dung de tay rua, xu ly nuoc thai, nuoc sach ...
Phan phoi boi cong ty hoa chat Viet Hoa.
Hotline: 0989875628, 01683032009 /

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Quotations Record

Company Name Business Type Location Time Quoted Buyer's Reaction
M**********************n Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler India 30/09/2013 00:59

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