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purchase of pine or fir

Quantity Required: 2000 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters

Annual Purchase Volume: 20000 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters

Shipping Terms: FOB

Payment Terms: T/T

Time Left: 0H 0M

Date Posted: 2013-08-05

Posted in: Spain Spain (IP:85.155.233*)

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Business Type: Trading Company

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dear sirs we are interested in following wood, if it is possible to supply it through your company: pine or fir wood- minimum 2 meters long and more widths of 100mm. above and 45.50 58mm and thicknesses. 2,500 m3 monthly amount to manufacture pallets. long 1300 1200 and widths of 89,98,100 and 150mm. 14 to 17mm thick. wood fungi, healthy without knots and without drying not accept stains, kd 12 % 1,000 m3 monthly amount position fob port of exit- origin trunks of pine or fir, without cleaning the cortex,( only the trees branches) which such trunk trunk 300, number 000 mt maximum length 3 meters maximum diameter 45cm trunk, and at least nssd 8cm, fob port output or cif port of hamburg germany urgent price payment with bank guarantees upon agreement between the two banks. daniel llabres r. ceo larnix corp sa- canarytrading afrique sarl we have the latest... to be the first

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