Hi . My name is Fatih. I am from Germany and i´m working for a big sandblast company. My company needs a new "Absauganlage" for the Sandblasting cabine. Volume for 30.000-35.000 ³ . Please send me as fast as possible a price incl. shipping and duties to germany. thank you for your close attention .
Quantity Required: 1 Sets
Date Posted: 2014-10-18

Germany Germany

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PA-300TS/TD Air Purifier is suit for air purification for nail salon, beauty salon, lab, hair salon, soldering, etc.
Quantity Required: 1 Pieces
Date Posted: 2014-10-07

United States United States

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Industrial Air Purifiers For Wallpaper Industry 1.Efficiency: 95% 2.Washable f 3.CE certified 4.Modular design Kelan Industrial Air Purifiers For ...
Quantity Required: 3 Pieces
Date Posted: 2014-10-05

China (Mainland) China (Mainland)

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Dear Sir, We are looking for dust collector of capacity 24000m3/h. Please reply
Quantity Required: 1 Sets
Date Posted: 2014-10-04

Yemen Yemen

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I would like to more information about this product
Quantity Required: 5 Pieces
Date Posted: 2014-10-01

Australia Australia

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Dear , I've never seen their teams in Spain. I know quite well my competition teams and their designs I have not seen here installed. My current ...
Quantity Required: 1 Sets
Date Posted: 2014-09-27

Spain Spain

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Average filtration rate: higher than 99.7% Max air flow: 300m³/h Electronic speed control Input capacity: 130W Low capacity Input power: 110/220V, ...
Quantity Required: 2000 Pieces
Date Posted: 2014-09-08
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Nigeria Nigeria

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