I am interested in the turbo shell cutting plate for jewellery.We are a small UK design company and would like 10 pieces to try out our designs. ...
Quantity Required: 10 Pieces
Date Posted: 2014-09-25

United Kingdom United Kingdom

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please let me know if this is genuine baltic amber how much and minimum order please? Thank you
Quantity Required: 1 Strand/Strands
Date Posted: 2014-09-25

United States United States

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Hi,I would like to know the price for Muslimah's Fashion & Accesories.I am interested in buying 5 Dozen/Dozens.Please provide us with a quotation....
Quantity Required: 5 Dozen/Dozens
Date Posted: 2014-09-24

Malaysia Malaysia

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I am interested in an olive color, size 57 cm.
Quantity Required: 1 Unidad/Unidades
Date Posted: 2014-09-23

Spain Spain

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I am interested in ordering the scarf ornaments. Do you deliever to Punjab, India and what are the payment options? What will be the time for ...
Quantity Required: 300 Pieces
Date Posted: 2014-09-06

India India

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Hi there im looking for 500 pieces of dark brown 24" 1g micro loop 100% real human hair and black 500 pieces of 22" 1g micro loop bead extensions 100%...
Quantity Required: 1000 Pieces
Date Posted: 2014-07-20

Australia Australia

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